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TOP 7 Smartphone HACKS | ImpuGEDGE

Smartphones are a big deal these days. There are so many things you can do with your smartphone. However, they have got some down points too. The biggest of them are — running out of battery, fear of causing damage or not being able to take the best selfie.

1. Turn your Phone into a master REMOTE:

 Until a decade ago, or before Apple launched a selfie-camera iPhone, the title of ‘most-used device in the history of mankind’ would have probably gone to remote controllers. From TVs to ACs to cars, everything of utility came with a small wand that had rubber buttons on it. Although the aforesaid world title has been usurped, the fad hasn’t yet faded. Phones now come with IR blasters that can be paired with IR-controlled devices. This means you don’t need to search between the sofa seats to shut your TV down. Your phone’s enough.

Hack 1 IR Blaster

Not only that, you can use your smartphone to check whether an infrared-based remote is working or not. Infrared rays cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they sure are visible from your camera. Infrared rays show up as a white or purple light in the camera’s viewfinder.

2.Cover the microphone when filming a video to record CLEARER audio:

— Covering the microphone will help reduce the ambient noise and thus helping you to capture sharp, clear and crisper sound. If you are thinking to skip this amazing smartphone hack, You will regret it later. (Probably, while watching your favorite recorded video)

Hack 2 Cover the microphone to record clear video

3.Switch your phone to “Airplane Mode,” to charge it faster:

— Switching your phone to “Airplane Mode” reduces the unnecessary work of continuous signal search and thus allows your phone to charge faster. It’s a great smartphone hack if you are looking for a quick way to fast charge. The Best Part? It works for all phones.

Hack 3 Airplane Mode

4. Use your phone’s front camera for softer pics, rear for detailed images.

— The front camera of most smartphones features the “airbrush effect” which outputs softer pics. If you are a selfie addict, always try to use your phone’s front camera as it will provide a better image.

Hack 4 Use front camera to click smooth pictures

The rear camera offers a sharper and detailed image, and therefore, should be used to capture anything other than selfies.

5. Shut down apps you don’t need.

— If you are an Android user, you must be aware that, there are a countless number of apps running in the background. Of course, these apps are sometimes useful, but in most cases, it is only latching your battery without offering any value. Keep a check on your background apps and shut down the ones who aren’t of your use (presently).

Hack 5 Shutdown apps you don't need

PS:- iPhone users need not be happy, the same happens with iPhone too and you’ve got to do the same thing.

6. Avoid using the phone while charging.

— Ever wondered why phone manufacturers make such short charging cables? Do they want to save money? No, the answer is — They don’t want you to use the phone while charging. Yes, they discourage the idea of simultaneously charging and using it, as it reduces battery life to a large extent.

Hack 6 Avoid using the phone while charging

Most phones run on Li-ion batteries, and these batteries have a limited charge cycle after which they need to be replaced.

7. Charge your phone faster

 The biggest hassle in our daily lives is getting our bricks charged. While there are some with state-of-the-art C-type charging support, what’s the rest of the crowd supposed to do? The trick is simple; turn on your phone’s Airplane Mode while charging. Better yet, turn the phone off. This way, the phone will not burn energy in a continuous effort to connect to cell phone towers and plot GPS.

Hack 7 Charge your phone faster

Also, avoid using your phone while charging. As Li-ion batteries have a limited charge cycle, manufacturers discourage phone usage while charging to forestall battery replacement.

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