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Introducing the latest RED Magic 3

We’re quite a way into 2019, which means we need a refresh of the dwindling gaming phone market. Devices — like the Nubia Red Magic 3 — targeted at an even ‘nichier’ niche than the PC gaming market. 

It poses the question that probably will never get answered: Why do we need gaming phones? Until we get dedicated ‘gaming’ internals, at least to me, given the base internals are the same, the games are all the same, it seems odd that we are potentially being sold snake oil in the form of gaming phones.

Now that opening monologue may seem negative from the outset, and yes, I may not see the point personally, I just want there to be a real reason for these types of handset to exist beyond merely getting gullible gamers to part with cash. Nubia has been about as aggressive as you can get with the pricing of their Red Magic line.

Starting at just $479, the Nubia-made Red Magic 3 could be a contender for consumer attention simply by the spec sheet alone. Hey, specs don’t count for anything if they are not backed up with an excellent everyday experience. With that in mind, this is our full review of the not too shabby Red Magic 3.

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Hardware & Design:

The size makes this is a superb option for the single-screen content consumer. The display is massive, but it’s simultaneously a major selling point (literally) and one of the Red Magic 3’s biggest downsides. It’s a FHD+ panel with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. That results in a 387.5ppi, paling in comparison to the 90Hz panel on offer from the OnePlus 7 Pro for instance.

In everyday use, I find the display on Red Magic 3 just fine to look at and interact with. Colors and contrast are good, as are the viewing angles. My biggest issue is actually one of the core selling points — the 90Hz refresh rate. For some strange reason, it seems choppy or not quite up to scratch. I have tested it side-by-side with the OnePlus 7 Pro, and there is noticeable lag when scrolling — but more on this later.

A welcome inclusion is that of a pre-installed screen protector. I mean, you could take this one of two ways though. Either the company is not confident in the ability of the display to take a beating every day, or they know you’re not confident in the display to take a beating every day.

I appreciate the inclusion, although my screen protector got caught on the cusp of my jean pockets and came away slightly causing an air bubble within an hour of unboxing the phone — just something to note.

Nubia Red Magic 3

Nubia Red Magic 3 performance

A gaming smartphone means top-of-the-range components, and the Red Magic doesn't do things halfway. The smartphone uses the classic high-end combination of Snapdragon 855 and Adreno 640 GPUs . On our model, it is associated with 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128 GB of UFS 2.1 memory. On paper, it is excellent and in practice it is too. Everything is fluid, it's a real treat.

Let's take a closer look at all the gaming potential. Let's first take a look at the new Game Space, named Game Space 2.0 without too much originality. When you activate this mode (with a key on the edge), your smartphone somehow switches to console mode and focuses only on games and game settings. Among these, you can turn the fan on or off and force it to run at maximum speed, useful when you want to make long game sessions, or turn off the color effects at the back, choose the refresh rate (60 fps or 90 fps) or choose whether to turn on the automatic brightness. You can find your games in the main menu of the mode and launch it in one tap, and of course decide to block notifications to fully immerse yourself in the game atmosphere. Not surprisingly, it also allows you to capture your games to share the best moments with your friends.

Redmagic game boost feature


Nubia resists the trend of double, triple or even quadruple cameras: it offers only one sensor at the back. That said, he didn't choose just any one, it's Sony's 48 megapixel IMX 586 sensor, which we already know from several cameras (Xiaomi Mi 9 and Realme X, to name just two) but this time it's not coupled with another camera. At the front, we have a 16MP sensor.

Sometimes the device may encounter problems with brightness management, both at the rear and in selfies, but this can of course be improved by updates. We will focus more on the photo potential when we have the final software version.

Redmagic 3 Camera


There’s no doubt that Red Magic 3 is a gaming-centric smartphone. All details are designed for playing games, for example, the 19.5:9 aspect ratio offers comfort gaming holding feeling. However, the weight of 215g is not suitable for holding the phone by one hand.

The RGB LED strip and the Red Magic Eye make the phone more fantastic and e-sports style.

Red Magic 3 comes with 6.65-inch screen having the 90Hz refresh rate, and is powered by Snapdragon 855 processor. Also, the cooling system is combined with air cooling and liquid cooling, which makes sure the phone will have no lag in long playing time. What’s more, Nubia cooperates with game manufacturers to optimize and adapt games with Red Magic 3.

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